How to choose the right cantilever crane

Whether you are building a one-storey house or a multi-storey apartment complex, your construction project will need strength in the use of lifting tools. One of the easiest ways to move heavy objects within the construction site is to use cantilever cranes.

In other words, choosing the right type of crane is essential for the success of your project. Whether it’s a shark crane or any other model, if you make a choice, you need to know what to consider and what to really dare weight.

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Since we have mentioned it, it is better to make a slight study of it. The cantilever crane is the best ever in terms of versatility, hard work and ease of use. Its functionality is based on the height of the height, a force that is created thanks to the trajectory used by the hook vertically to the foot. For this reason, many companies and many construction sites prefer one to a cantilever crane rather than another model. A work with a cantilever crane is better than work done with other types of model.


First, it is important to know the weight and dimensions of the load to be lifted or moved. Based on this information, it is possible to choose a crane with the required lifting capacity and rigging accessories such as hooks, shackles, ropes and slings. Who manufactures and sells cranes often gives the buyer often load diagrams that present the load capacity characteristics of the crane. The nominal capacity mentioned in these tables is the total weight that the crane can lift for a given distance (or radius). It is necessary to subtract the weight of the rigging accessories from this gross weight to find out the actual load capacity of the crane. In addition, it is necessary to consider the type of load being lifted. For example, lifting oddly shaped loads may require special rigging equipment and highly skilled workers. If necessary, you can hire a consultant or specialist to help make the right decision.


A final factor that you must always take into consideration is the lifting height, especially for multi-storey construction projects. Depending on how much the load needs to be lifted, it will be important to opt for a crane with the appropriate boom length.